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Mr. Nelson Yip Siu-hong, MH Founding CEO and Director of EP Venture Co. Limited Having contracted cerebral palsy in his infancy, Mr. Yip spent his childhood going back and forth to hospitals. Despite a challenging youth, he persevered and was conferred a BSc in Statistics and Computer Science, an MA in Quantitative Analysis in Business and an MBA Degree. Disability and diversity are issues that Mr. Yip is interested in. He is the founder of “Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power” and “Unleash Foundation”. The former is an organization strives for empowering the disabled to develop and advocating Hong Kong as a barrier-free international city. The latter aims at empowering the minorities to unleash their talents and abilities while at the same time advocating Transcendence, equality and integration which are key values in a world class city such as Hong Kong. Nelson believes Hong Kong is an international city to communicate and bridge the cultural aspects between China and the World. Culture is the way we think, act and interact. He founded the “China Hong Kong Culture Exchange Association”. Through the Association, culture exchange programs in various aspects were delivered and hundreds people has been equipped to be cultural ambassadors to embrace the understanding on diversity among cultures as well as create inclusiveness and harmony from the difference. Horseriding is another passion of Mr. Yip. He was the first qualified representative of Hong Kong in the Equestrian Competition of Beijing 2008 Paralympics. He was also an Olympic Torch Bearer of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Mr. Yip has been awarded the Medal of Honour by the HKSAR Government for his contribution in promoting sports for disabled athletes and has been conferred the Honorary Fellow by The City University of Hong Kong for his accomplishments and impacts on Hong Kong society. On the entrepreneurial front, Mr. Yip is now the Chief Executive and Director of EP Venture Co. Ltd and Founder of several companies involving in a wide range of industries, with specific interest in green energy, venture business and electronic commerce. He believes “The way we build – we live. The way we live – we are”. He also serves in a number of government and community committees and boards.